Nordic Certified Scantlings is a Nordic certification scheme for finger jointed and laminated wood to be used in doors and windows.

Behind the scheme are organizations within the windows, door and timber industry in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


The NCS scheme is mutually recognized in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. If a company is certified according to the NCS scheme, the company can sell laminated and finger-jointed profiles to companies that have joined the window certification scheme DVV in Denmark, NDVK in Norway and the P-marking scheme in Sweden, respectively.

By the manufacture of quality windows and exterior doors for the Scandinavian climate, with high humidity and wet and windy conditions, it is very important that the lamination and finger jointing in wood is done to a very high standard and that suitable adhesives are used. The NCS scheme ensures that very high standards are observed as regards materials and processes, as well as internal and external quality controls.

Technical Committee

The certification scheme is regulated by a set of rules administrated by a technical committee ('TC'), consisting of two representatives from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The TC meet at least once a year and have the authority - in compliance with the recommendation of a certification body - to withdraw a certificate, if a company fails to comply with the scheme's technical specifications.

Members of the Technical Committee:

From Sweden: 

  • Urban Häggström, RISE
  • Jan-Inge Brelin, Stora Enso

From Denmark: 

  • Johny H. Jensen, VinduesIndustrien
  • Henrik Søgaard Pedersen, Inwido Denmark

From Norway: 

  • Ivar Hansen, Norsk Treteknisk Institut


The certification scheme is regulated by a technical committee with regards to the Regulations.


Nordic Certified Scantlings

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